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San Vicente Park is currently in a very early state of realization.  It is a vision of Architect Michael Wacht, Founder and Principal of Los Angeles based Architecture firm IntuArch.

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Just to the north of the proposed San Vicente Park, the City of West Hollywood is working on their own pedestrian-oriented improvements to the area of San Vicente Boulevard between West Hollywood Park and the Pacific Design Center, called San Vicente Streetscape Plaza

Mostly completed in 2022, DOT removed a lane of vehicular traffic to create protected bicycle lanes in both directions between Curson Avenue and La Brea Avenue.

LA County Parks Needs Assessment

Adopted by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on December 6, 2022, the Parks Needs Assessment Plus (PNA+) is a focused update to the 2016 Los Angeles Countywide Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment (PNA) and serves as the County’s 30×30 strategy for land conservation and restoration.

This report builds on the PNA by providing a more in-depth and nuanced understanding of the distribution of environmental benefits and burdens within the County, and park access and need considerations for regional parks and open spaces

LA County Parks Needs Assessment [Website]Westside Regional Study Area Profile [PDF]

Park Needs Analysis

Population Vulnerability

Areas for Environmental Restoration

Areas of Environmental Burdens

State Resources - Quantifying the Need for Park Access

Much of this area of the city has a relatively low rate of parks access, both measured by distance from a parks facility and by park space per capita.  The State of California monitors citizen access, and is searchable via map